15 Tracks: Billy O' Shea * Bonny Ship The Diamond * Home From The Sea * Johnny And The Sea * My Son John (Johnny No Legs) * Mingulay Boat Song * Pay Me My Money Down * Rolling Down The River * Off To The Sea Once More * Yarmouth Town * Randy Dandy O * A Drop Of Pirates Blood * A Sailor Ain't A Sailor * Sailboat Malarkey * Whiskey Is The Life Of Man.

A great collection of rollicking, bollicking, swallicking sea shanties from Steve Travis.

Steve Travis was born in Colchester Essex in 1951. Although better known as a country singer Steve’s music career began in the 60s as a drummer with local beat groups.

By the early 70s Steve had swapped the drums for a guitar and became the guitar playing lead vocalist in the glam rock band "Plod". He shared the bill with the top pop groups of the time: pop legends such as ELO, Showaddywaddy, Mud and Slade. After a brief try at a “proper job” in the 80s, Steve resurfaced as a highly successful country entertainer.

"I live on an island, I have had a boat for years and love bobbing about on the waves away from the madness that is life. The sea air wafting over my dreams. Get away me land lubbers, take the King's shilling and to sea we'll go. This new direction seems right for me just now. I am joined by a hearty crew, all singing their hearts out." Steve Travis.

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