(December 2011) 30 tracks: Solnabrake * Sonia's Pride Of Erin * A Reel For Frances * The Graham Hughes Two-Step * Ashley's Awesome * Da Forty Bob Waltz * Brian And Margaret's Golden Wedding * Gerry Firmin's Hornpipe * Purple Summer * Douglas' Waltz * Vicky And Leslie's Wedding * Tune For Graham Geddes * P S Krakatt * Annette's Skaw Waltz * The Captain's Bride * Sigurd Snake Eye * Marjory's Waltz * Spirit Of The People * Elaine Copland's Reel * Gemona * Jennifer's Ordale Waltz * Nancy And Magnus' Golden Wedding * Da Hendersons O' Voesgarth * Kenny's Reel * Marrats Houl Reel * Da Wastside Wedding March * Derek And Katy's Reel * Isla's Reel * Steve's Waltz * Serpentine Reel.

The latest volume of tunes from Shetland fiddler Spencie consists of 30 of his own compositions.

The tunes have been mainly created as commissions to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, and other events.

Spencie plays all the instruments on the CD including fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar and bass.

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