(November 2002) 15 tracks: The Comet Jig / Kevin’s Celtic Chasm / The Academy Boys * Scottish Gothic * Banklands * Psycho Magnet / The Crocodile * McBride’s * Hedgehope Hill * Piddley 2-Step / Trip O’er Tweed / Queen of Hearts / Jig of Life / Three Minute Scuttle / The Creek * Maid Behind The Bar / Amber and Steel * The Joker * Pearce Lodge / Jimmy D’s Hornpipe * Stobieside Lodge / The First Time Ever I Saw Your Fez * Hardington Mains * Southpark House / The Amalgamation / Max’s First Steps * Border Spirit.

Stevie Lawrence has been actively involved in the Scottish traditional and roots music scene since the mid-1980s, becoming prominent as a member of Iron Horse - Standing Alone is his first solo album.

Since leaving the band he has toured and recorded with many of Scotland’s leading roots bands and musicians, as well as producing and recording for television, radio and commissioned projects.

Having been a sideman with many bands and projects over the years, this album showcases his talents as a multi-instrumentalist, arranger and composer. The tracks reflect important musical influences, people and places from his career.

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