CD1 New And Rare: Adalida * Old Man On The Porch * Once Upon A Time * Rock N Roll Kids (With Michael O'Hare) * Old Armagh * There Were Roses * Salt In My Tears * Mo Ghile Mear (With Liam O'Maonlai * Susan In Conversation With Bobbie Hanvey * A Mothers Love Is A Blessing * My Own Dear Galway Bay * The Curragh Of Kildare * Mary From Dungloe * The Blossom Will Flower * If I Came Back Home * Ain’t It Amazing * Come What May * Baby Blue * Buried Treasure * Broken Lady * Jealous Heart * Back To Me * Thank God For Kids (With Linda Heaney).

CD2 Through The Years : Coat Of Many Colours * Sonny's Dream * Broken Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness * Hillbilly Girl With The Blues * Rumour Has It * You're Never Too Old To Love * When The Sun Says Goodbye To The Mountains * Medals For Mother * Blue Jean Country Queen* Radio Heart * While I Was Making Love To You * The Other Side Of The Morning * Papa's Wagon * You Seldom Come To See Me Any More * The Dutchman * In Shame Love In Shame * Candy Store (With Sean Wilson) * Someone Is Looking For Someone Like You * Down River Road * How Great Thou Art * In Conversation With Bobbie Hanvey Pt 2 * My Forkhill Home * In Conversation With Bobbie Hanvey Pt3 * Big Tom Is Still The King

CD3 Rockin' Country: Medley: Love Is In The Air * Lets Go To Vegas * Country Medley * Fooling Around * String Of Diamonds * 1950s Medley * Penny Arcade * Rock N Roll Medley * Love Bug * Rockabilly Can Rock * Patsy Cline Medley * Romeo * Those Were The Days (With Sean Wilson) * When The New Wears Off Our Love * In Conversation With Bobbie Hanvey Pt 5 * Daddy’s Hands * I'm Just A Country Girl * Dennis's Jig Medley.

A 3CD Collection from Ireland's First Lady of Country music Susan McCann, over a quarter of a century as an international star.

Susan McCann has had an amazing non-stop journey to the summit of the Irish musical industry and acclaim worldwide.

This 3CD set presents a unique selection of Susan's recordings, her favourites. With over 300 recordings in a 38 year recording history she was spoiled for choice!

Susan has travelled around the world and certainly has put Irish country music on the map.

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