10 Tracks: Big Set * Catherine's Song * Benedict's Set * Luc's Set * Hannah's Song * Sarah's Set * Cameron's Set * Helen Of Kirkconnell * Ross's Set * In Freenship's Name.

Featuring finalists and winners of the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Of The Year Award.

The album features a mix of original material written by the finalists as well as traditional tunes arranged by the musicians under the guidance of Musical Directors, Findlay Napier and Anna Massie.

The 2019 album is a unique showcase for the talents of these young musicians.

Benedict Morris (fiddle and 2019 winner), Sarah Markey (flute), Luc McNally (guitar/voice), Ross Miller (bagpipes), Cameron Ross (fiddle), Catherine Tinney (voice) and Hannah Rarity (voice and 2018 winner).

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