(October 2009) Tracks: Are Ye Sleepin Maggie? * Nine Pint Favourite * The Birken Tree * The Awe In Autumn * Earl Richard * The Summer Shower * Different * Arisaig 2:forty * Winch Away * At The Tap * Halloween * Bulgarian Molecule * The Doctor's Dochter.

Driving rhythms, classy musicianship and funky arrangements are the hallmarks of this album from Seylan Baxter (cello, vocals) and singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ruaridh Pringle.

They are joined by top percussionist Steve Forman.

"Richly textured with crunchy harmony and unusual flavours... Though cheekily Scottish, it doesn't care what the neighbours think." (Norman Chalmers, Scotland On Sunday)

"Some of the most attractively funky cello playing you're ever likely to encounter... Utterly infectious... Excellent solo singers, with an unerring ability to harmonise with each other." (David Kindman, Netrythms)

"Passion, integrity, stomping four on the floor rhythm? This album gives its all. The liner notes have wit and intelligence too - this jam is 100% whole fruit and well worth a punt. I liked the cut of their jib so much, I booked 'em!" (Clive Pownceby, The Living Tradition)

"Thoughtfully compiled, musically exciting and above all, entertaining." (Iain Campbell, Taplas)

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