This title is a Music Scotland All Time Bestseller.

(August 2004) 19 tracks (77 mins): Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban / The Sands of Burness / Miller's Reel * Sarah's Song * Waltz of the little girls * The Jig Runrig / The Swedish Jig * Violet Tulloch Queen of Lerwick * Humours of Tulla / Fox Hunter Reel / St * Anne's Reel * Sophie's Lullaby * Michael Coleman's Jig / The Gingerhog's No / Give Me A Drink of Water / Jiggy Jig * My Lily / The Sweetness of Mary / Hughie Jim Paul's Reel * La Ronfleuse Gobels / La Grande Chaine / Galliope De Malbaie * The Pearl * Megan's Wedding / The Herra Boys / Barrowburn Reel * Spring The Summer Long * Waiting For The Federals * Charlie Hunter's Jig / The Mouse in the Cupboard / Rosewood * Flett from Flotta / Sabhal Iain ic Uisdean / The drampipe * A Man's A Man For A' That * The Auld Fiddler / Earl Mitten's Breakdown.

Phil and Aly have been playing together for nearly twenty years now. Tracks from several albums, as well as some previously unreleased material, make up a great collection from this ever popular fiddle and accordion duo.

Here’s a distillation of their favourites, including two additional newly recorded tracks.

Martin O’Connor, Violet Tulloch and Peerie Willie Johnson guest on some tracks.

"Prime material drawn from their previous albums together, and reminds us just why they remain such a popular draw on the touring circuit." (The Scotsman)

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