The Corries - A Complete Vision Of The Corries vol 2

The Corries - A Complete Vision Of The Corries vol 2

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(April 2012) 23 tracks: The Rose of Allendale * Lord Of The Dance * Loch Lomond * The Derry Hornpipe * Lucille * Birnie Boozle
* Dark Lochnagar * The News From Moidart * Come O'er The Stream Charlie * Barrett's Privateers * The Bantam Cock * Lock the Door Lariston * Parcel Of Rogues * Mingulay Boat Song * The Dawning Of The Day * Killiecrankie * The Lammas Tide * The Green Fields Of France * Rehabilitation Blues * Heiland Harry * Jock O' Braidislee * Flower Of Scotland * Will Ye No Come Back Again.

The charismatic performers Roy Williamson and Ronnie Browne made The Corries household names for decades.

Following the untimely death of Roy Williamson in 1990 the BBC released a hugely popular video titled, “Flower of Scotland – A Vision of The Corries”. That video was compiled from selected songs from the 1987 series recorded for the BBC. Now for the first time since 1987 the entire series is available on DVD as “A Complete Vision of The Corries”. Volumes 1 and 2.

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