(July 2011) 15 tracks: Killiecrankie * Lock The Door Lariston * Mingulay Boat Song * A Scottish Holiday * MacPherson's Rant * Leezie Lindsay * Scotland Will Flourish * The Bricklayer's Song * Loch Lomond / Farewell to the Creeks * The Lammas Tide * The Sherramuir Fight * The Friday Game * Chevalier's Muster Roll * The Roses of Prince Charlie * Flower of Scotland.

A compilation of favourite tracks from the classic Scottish folk song duo.

The first in a series of three budget-priced CDs.

"When Roy Williamson died in 1990, you would have thought that The Corries would have died with him, but there is still a very healthy interest in the music of The Corries. I find it very gratifying that interest seems to be spreading worldwide. Who knows, when you listen to these tracks, it might take you back to those nights in any one of the myriad number of theatres and halls all over the country. My goodness, I'm there already myself!" (Ronnie Browne)

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