(October 2011) 17 tracks: Two Step: The Pharmacist * 4/4 Marches: The Grand Slam / Fred McNicoll's March / Kol Kalison's March * Waltz: Lucy Sumison * Jigs: Jim Kennedy's Jig / Agnes Laing's Fancy / Willie Hunter Of Lerwick / Nurse Mairi Graham's Jig * Reels: Wellington Street / Phil Cunningham's Reel / Colgrave Sound / The Silver Walk * Fiddle Set: Sir John A MacDonald / Trail Blazers Two Step / Swinging With The Eighties * 2/4 Marches: Redondo Beach / Alan C Beaton * Waltzes: Margaret And Alison's Ruby Wedding / Davie And Margaret's Ruby Wedding * 6/8 Marches: Dr J G Hunter Of Aultbea / Braemar Gathering * Shetland Reels: Ian Duncan / A Trip To York / Ross's Reel * Polka: The Youngs Shetland Wedding Polka * Foxtrot: Faded Love / Lily Dale * March Strathspey And Reel: Miss Adrianne Farnan / Laird O' Dunblair / For The Record * Jigs: Bodvar Bjarkis Boys / Peter MacDonald's Leather Breeks / Young Scottie / Drunken Cruick An Duke * Waltzes: Hairst Blinks / Southern Moon * Reels: The Bottom Of The Punch Bowl / Tannadice / Eleanor's Reel / Miss Sonja Scollay * Two Step: The Ivor Scollay Two Step.

This famed Shetland dance band continue to be incredibly popular at events throughout Shetland and beyond.

Cullivoe is a crofting and fishing community at the north end of the island of Yell, which lies to the North of Shetland. Hairst Blinks is a Shetland dialect term to describe the Northern Lights in the autumn sky.

Ivor Scollay (lead accordion), Bryan Gear (fiddle), Matthew Scollay (second accordion), Graeme Garrick (drums), Martin Henderson (piano).

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