13 Tracks: Reality TV * It Never Ends * Pumped Up Kicks * Dog Ruff * More To This * Behind Closed Doors * Dakota * Festival Girl * Pressure Drop * Skunnert * Wishful Thinking * Fire * Tomorrow's Another Day.

A third album from the band who add bagpipe influences into rock music with a unique blend of vocals, drums and guitars.

Self-composed songs and tunes that rock!

Mungo Henderson (highland pipes), Fraser (Fritz) Henderson (highland pipes), Shonagh Henderson (highland pipes), Alan (Damage) Ramage (bass, backing vocals), Ian (Fenzo) Fenwick( guitar, backing vocals), Guy Bryson (drums, percussion), Tommy Cannon (congas), Paul (The Bear) Kirkwood (surdo), Annie Henderson (percussion), Andrew (Smuggie) Smith (vocals)

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