11 Tracks: Young Tom Ennis / King Of The Pipers / Hunt The Cat * Kelvin's Purling Stream * It's In The Wind / The Laurel Tree / Repeal The Union * Moorlough Shores * Ranafast Jig / Statia Donnelly / My Former Wife * A Stor A Stor A Ghra * Free And Easy * An Coolin March / Farewell To Lissycasey / Trim The Velvet * McCahill's / The Pigeon On The Gate * Easter Snow * The Dusty Miller / The Four Courts / The Merry Sisters.

A magnificent album of traditional Irish music from The Friel Sisters.

The Friel Sisters, Anna, Sheila and Clare Friel are young traditional musicians born and brought up in Glasgow with their family roots firmly entrenched in the Donegal Gaeltacht.

They play a mixture of music interspersed with songs in English and Irish, many from their family repertoire.

"Immerse yourself in 'Before the Sun' from The Friel Sisters and you'll discover something so close to perfect you would be hard pressed to make it any better" - FolkWords.

"Traditional Irish music is in a richer place for having these young genuine people carry it on to future generations" - Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh of Altan.

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