The Highland Bagipe Piobaireachd Tutor Book

The Highland Bagipe Piobaireachd Tutor Book

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A step by step guide as taught by the National Piping Centre.

This book sets out the specialised embellishments required to play Piobaireachd, together with tunes which are graded in order of difficulty.

It also explains the oral tradition of teaching bagpipe music known as Canntaireachd, an important element of preserving Scotland's unique and treasured musical culture.

Scotland's rich heritage and culture are enduring attractions for visitors from home and abroad. The bagpipe plays an important role in our history and is recognised around the world as a symbol of Scotland.


Chapter 1: Introduction * Cadences * The Fermata * Glengarry's Lament * The Ground * Phrase Construction - Primary Phrase Contruction * Variations * The Dithis * The Taorluath * The Piobaireachd High G * The Taorluath Singling * The Taorluath Doubling * The Crunluath * The Crunluath Singling and Doubling * Glengarry's Lament - The Complete Tune.

Chapter 2: Introduction * The Dre And Edre * The Little Spree * The Ground * Primary Phrase Construction (continued) * The Ground (Doubling) * The Siubhal * The Tripling * The Tripling Variation * The Crunluath Fosgailte * The Crunluath Fosgailte Variation * The Little Spree - The Complete Tune.

Chapter 3: Introduction * MacLeod Of Raasay's Salute * The Ground * Secondary Phrase Construction * The Thumb Variation * The Taorluath Singling Variation * The Taorluath Doubling Variation * The Crunluath Singling Variation * The Crunluath Doubling Variation * The Crunluath A Mach Movement * The Crunluath A Mach Variation * MacLeod Of Raasay's Salute - The Complete Tune.

Chapter 4: Introduction * The Throw On D * The Hiharin * Struan Robertson's Salute * The Ground * Tertiary Phrase Construction * The Taorluath Variation * The Taorluath Doubling Variation * The Crunluath Breabach Singling Variation * The Crunluath Breabach Doubling Variation * Struan Robertson's Salute - The Complete Tune.

Chapter 5: Introduction * Double Echo movements, on B,D,E,F and High G * The Rodin *The Embari * The Chedari * The Lament For MacSween Of Roaig * The Ground * Supplementary Phrase Construction * Variation 1 Singling And Doubling * The Taorluath Variations * The Crunluath Variations * The Lament For MacSwan Of Roaig - The Complete Tune.

Chapter 6: Introduction * The Darodo * The Dare And Vedare * The Adeda * The Chelalho * The Lament Of Alasdair Dearg MacDonell Of Glengarry * The Ground * The Dithis And Singling Doubling * The Taorluath And The Crunluath Variation * The Lament For Alasdair Dearg MacDonell Of Glengarry - The Complete Tune.

Appendix 1 - Canntaireachd
Appendix 2 - Staff Notation With Canntaireachd
Appendix 3 - Piobaireachd Classification

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