12 Tracks: Humours Of Tulla * Gumboot * The Cage * The Whitby Drip * Polka Chinois * Dis Found Harmonium * Sweet Nightingale * Maids Stomach * Fanta * Brighton Camp * Dinkies * Molnbyggen.

A fourth studio album release from The Hut People, instrumental duo, Sam Pirt and Gary Hammond.

Expect a musical journey around the World, The Hut People mix global rhythms with folk tunes from Quebec, Spain, Scandinavia to Sussex to name but a few...

The Hut People are one of the most unique, entertaining and best-loved acts on the UK folk scene today.

"Routes is an album which lovers of traditional folk should enjoy for the audacity of some of the playing and arrangements. But while the album is grounded in British traditional folk music, it pulls in influences from around the world. With its inspiration from toilet cisterns to apartheid via European tunes and The Hut People's unique blend of accordion and percussion, this should appeal to a wider audience. There are plenty of opportunities to get a sense of the duo's stage presence, with twenty or so gigs between now and Easter." Mike Wistow, Folking.com

"A bewildering array of percussion and accordion-fired compositions, truly infectious." R2 magazine.

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