(September 2012) 18 tracks: The Hornes Set * The Occasionals Jigs * The Highland Wedding * Orkney Memories * The Westringing Set * The Capstan Two-Step * Gaelic Melodies * Northern Reels * A Drop Of Brandy * Set Of Marches * Cold Winds * The Hebridean * The Celebration * Happy We've Been * Irish Jigs * The Percy French Set * The Old 2/4's * Dumfries And Galloway Reels.

The Occasionals are back with a seventh album in celebration of 25 years of playing dance music at many different occasions.

A superb mix of old classics and other lesser known gems from Bobby Macleod and Jimmy Shand, and a few new tunes from Freeland.

The Occasionals ceilidh band started in 1986 and continues to entertain, whether dancing or for just sheer listening pleasure, you are guaranteed to get birling with gusto!

Freeland Barbour (accordion), Ian Hardie (fiddle), Keven MacLeod (banjo, mandolin,tenor guitar), Gus Millar (drums).

"If you want straight down the line dance music you can't do much better than The Occasionals." Folk Roots Music Magazine.

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