The Rough Guide To Celtic Lullabies

The Rough Guide To Celtic Lullabies

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(September 2013) 26 tracks: Dun Do Shuil (Altan) * A Day And An Age (Liz Carroll) * Cysga Di Fy Mhlentyn Tlws (Sleep, My Little One) (Plethyn) * Baloo Baleerie (Margie Butler) * The Fairy Child (Brian Hughes And Garry O'Briain) * I Wonder As I Wander (Kirkmount) * An Hiran Noz (Alan Stivell) * A Lullabye (Teresa Doyle) * Si Hei Lwli Mabi (Hush, My Little Baby) ( Plethyn) * Rosbeg (Flook) * Nam Bu Leam Fhìn Thu Thàladhainn Thu (If You Were Mine I Would Lull You) (Christina Stewart) * Arran Boat Song (Nadia Birkenstock) * Highland Fairy Lullaby (Alastair McDonald) * All Through The Night (Glasgow Hebridean Choir) * Boo Baby's Lullaby (JCB And Jerry Holland) * Night Night And Einini (Tommy Sands) * The Mermaid's Song / Song Of The Seals (Golden Bough).

Grainne Hambly - Irish Harp Lullabies: Eleanor Plunkett * Soft Mild Morning / Her Golden Hair Hanging Down Her Back * The Jointure And Jig * Kitty Magennis * The Tosa Waltz * Young Terence MacDonough * Ag Taisteal Na Blarnan (Travelling Through Blarney) * King Of The Blind / Carolan's Quarrel With The Landlady * Inis Oirr.

A soothing selection of songs that will lull baby to peaceful sleep, but stands alone as an exceptional collection of Celtic folk music.

From the rugged shores of Ireland, to Brittany's pine-covered hills, the Celtic world has a long tradition of lullabies.

Enjoy calm fiddle and harp songs from the likes of Liz Carroll and Alan Stivell aongside gently reworked classics by Flook and Altan.

Includes a full-length bonus album by Grainne Hambly, who is a leading light on the International Irish harp scene today. This album showcases a hand-picked selection of slow, soothing works for solo harp, and is sure to lull listeners into peaceful reverie.

Parents, children and world music fans alike will relish the quality, calm music included on this Rough Guide.

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