9 Tracks: Roisin And Paddy * Night Mouse * The Gentleman's Farewell * Trinkamp * Fenham * The Quartz Jig * Retreat Marches * Drimnin Otters * On Land And Sea.

A wonderful debut album from the exquisite Routes Quartet.

Their sound is a charming concoction of classical, Scottish, Irish and English traditional music as well as their own deftness for the art of composing.

A sumptuous blend of the folk and classical traditions, featuring evocative arrangements of folk tunes and stunning original compositions.

The string quartet instrumentation is well established in other genres but is entirely new to the British folk scene.

Routes set out to arrange and explore the vast textures, tones and intimate musical qualities that are characteristic of the string quartet, but with a folky, rootsy accent.

The Routes Quarter are:

Rufus Huggan (cello), Emma Tomlinson (viola), Gràinne Brady (fiddle), Tricia Mullan (fiddle).

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