13 Tracks: Eva Three Step * Reels * Hornpipes * Hooligan's Jig * The Pride Of Erin Waltz * The Riverside Jig * The Gay Gordons * The Black Dance * The Canadian Barn Dance * The Cumberland Square Eight * The Circassian Circle * Waltzes * Orcadian Strip The Willow * The Final Birl.

The second album from Scotland's coolest electric ceilidh band.

All your favourite ceilidh dances, played with unprecedented energy and finesse.

A joy to dance to and also a great listen. Led by the ever-inventive Sandy Brechin, whose unique, humorous style of dance-calling gets everyone up on the floor and featuring some of the best players from Edinburgh's folk scene.

Musicians: Sandy Brechin, Greg Borland, Alison Smith, Pete Clark, Ronan Martin, Marcos Watt, Aly Macrae, Peter Brady, Gary West, John Currie, David Taylor, Stuart Nisbet, Colin Macfarlane, Chris Agnew, William Oke, Richie Werner, Steve Kettley, Brandi Sequin.

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