The last collection of seventy-six compositions from Shetland fiddler and composer Tom Anderson.

The third and final volume, comprising slow airs, marches, reels, jigs, two-steps, waltzes, strathspeys and hornpipes.

Bowings are provided for all the tunes, based for the most part on Tom Anderson's own manuscript instructions.

All the melodies come with fully worked-out accompanimental chord symbols appropriate for piano, accordion or fretted stringed instruments.

Foreword by Charles Simpson.

Published by the Hardie Press, Edinburgh.

"Tom - Tammy as Shetland knew him - was unique in his field: fiddler, composer, collector, teacher, saver of tradition. It's safe to say nobody else came anywhere near matching his activities and achievements, and those proved to be a dominant influence on the Shetland musical scene after 1945. Tammy laid the foundations upon which the current success of Shetland's music is built, and which produced for our community a worldwide reputation for its thriving musical tradition, second to none." Charles Simpson.

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