Contents * How To Use This Book And CD * Playing Traditional Fiddle * The Tunes * Learning By Ear * Some Final Thoughts * Nancy Kerr Northumbrian 3/2 Hornpipes * Rusty Gulley * Lang Stayed Away * Bob And Joan * Jenna Reid Shetland Reels * Aa The Ships Ir Sailin * Shelder Geo * Mak A Kishie Needle, Dye * John Dipper Southern English Playford And Morris Dance Tunes * Argiers * Old Tom Of Oxford * Mount Hills * Liz Doherty Donegal reels * Leslie's Reel * Dinkie Dorrian's * The Boys Of Malin * Liz Doherty Donegal Jigs * Johnny Boyle's Jig * Con Cassidy's Jig * The Black Rogue * Aidan O'Rourke West * Highland Strathspeys And A Reel * Mrs MacLeod's Strathspey * Niel Gow's Wife * Lochiel's Awa' Tae France * Sian Phillips Welsh Hornpipes * Gower Reel * Swansea Hornpipe * Pibddawns Y Car Gwyllt * Patsy Reid North-East Scottish Slow Airs * The Marchioness Of Huntly’s Favourite * Bovaglie’s Plaid * The Weeping Birches Of Kilmorack * Kevin Burke Sligo Reels * Boys Of The Lough * Pigeon On The Gate * Sligo Maid.

A practical introduction to all those fiddle styles you have heard at session and always wanted to try!

This is a great book to give you an overview of the main fiddle styles in the UK.

Includes fiddle styles from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales with each countries' fiddle music written by an expert in styles of fiddle playing.

Edited by Jane Griffiths with contributions from the following world renowned fiddlers, Kevin Burke, John Dipper, Liz Docherty, Nancy Kerr, Aidan O'Rourke, Sian Phillips, Jenna Reid and Patsy Reid.

A4 book 55 pages intermediate level.

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