Traditional Folksongs And Ballads Of Scotland - Volume One

Traditional Folksongs And Ballads Of Scotland - Volume One

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The First Of 3 Volumes Of The Very Best Of Scottish Songs And Ballads.

40 complete songs arranged and edited by John Loesberg.

With melody line only in staff notation, lyrics and chords.

Contents: A Man's A Man For A' That * Ae Fond Kiss * Annie Laurie * Barbara Allen * Bonnie Dundee * Cam Ye O'er Frae France? * Cauld Kail In Aberdeen * Charlie Is My Darling * Dumbarton's Drums * Fareweel Tae Tarwathie * Hieland Laddie * I'll Lay Ye Doon Love * Jamie Foyers * Jockey's Ta'en The Parting Kiss * Lang A-growing * Loch Tay Boat Song * Macpherson's Farewell * Maggie Lauder * Maid When You're Young * O Can Ye Sew Cushions? * O Waly Waly * Plooman Laddies * Rattlin', Roarin' Willie * Tae The Beggan' I Will Go * The Auld Hoose * The Band O' Shearers * The Blue Bells Of Scotland * The Bonnie Earl O'Moray * The Bonnie Lass O'fyvie-O * The Calton Weaver * The Day We Went To Rothesay-O * The Garberlunzie Man * The Jolly Beggar * The Piper O' Dundee * The Reel Of Stumpie-O * The Wee, Wee German Lairdie *
There'll Never Be Peace Till Jamie Comes Home * To The Weavers Gin Ye Go * Westering Home * Ye Jacobites By Name.

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