Traditional Folksongs And Ballads Of Scotland - Volume Two

Traditional Folksongs And Ballads Of Scotland - Volume Two

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The Second of 3 Volumes of the best of Scottish Songs And Ballads

This volume finds many old favourites mixed beautifully with long forgotten old folksongs, ballads and songs from the lengthy tradition of Scottish music.

40 complete songs arranged and edited by John Loesberg.

With melody line only in staff notation, lyrics and chords.(A5)

Contents: A Scottish Soldier * Blow The Candle Out * Blythe, Blythe And Merry Was She * Bogie's Bonnie Belle * Bonnie Annie * Bonnie George Campbell * Dainty Davie * Dance To Your Daddie * Donal' Don * Fine Flowers In The Valley * Flow Gently, Sweet Afton * Green Grow The Rashes, O * Hey Ca' Thro' * Hey The Dusty Miller * Horo, My Nut-Brown Maiden * I Aince Lo'ed A Lass * I Hae A Wife O' My Ain * I'm A Rover And Seldom Sober * John Anderson, My Jo * Johnnie Cope * Lassie Lie Near Me * Lassie Wi' The Yellow Coatie * My Ain Folk * O Lassie Art Ye Sleepin' Yet? * Roy's Wife O' Aldivalloch * Scotland The Brave * The Border Widow's Lament * The Cruel Mither * The Gypsy Laddie * The Keach In The Creel * The Lothian Hairst * The Men O' The North * The Road To The Isles * The Twa Corbies * The Wark O' The Weavers * To Daunton Me * Uist Tramping Song * Will Ye Gang Love * Will Ye Gang to Sherramuir? * Will Ye No Come Back Again?

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