(1991) 14 tracks: Bailey's Reel * Dolphin Waltz * Trettondedagsmarchen * Jack Broke Da Prison Door * Da Guizer's March * Feargal O'Gara * Wild Rose Of The Mountains * Cabister Head * Theodore Napier * Bonnie Glenfarg * Peter Davidson's Reel * Dean Brig O' Edinburgh * Frenchie's Reel * Shannon Waltz.

This is Trevor's second recording of fiddle music, but the first to be available outside Shetland.

Shetland is synonymous with great music, especially fiddle music, and it's against this vibrant musical background that Trevor began playing the fiddle as a youngster, taught for a time by the late Dr Tom Anderson.

Trevor is accompanied by Eileen Hunter (piano), Jack Robertson (double bass), Maureen Rutherford (piano) and Ninian Perry (double bass).

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