(June 2003) 13 tracks: Spirit of the Glen (Steve Lawrence and Hudson Swan) * The Glasgow Style (Steve Lawrence) * The Hills of Lorne (Ross Kennedy and Archie McAllister) * Donnie Caolis of Burnbank (Ingrid and Allan Henderson) * Buachaille Etive Mor (Elise MacLellan) * Miss Lynn Morrison (The Iron Horse) * Dreams of a Child (Chris Armstrong) * Margaret Crommar (Old Blind Dogs) * The Suidh (Whirligig) * Mrs Mary Stitt (Tannas) * The Long Road Home (Angus Lyon) * Gleann Seo Na Ndeor (Ceol Na gCapall) * Miss Rowan Davies (Hom Bru) * The Quiet Place (Tabache).

With a combination of both luscoius melodic textures and soft harmonies, Celtic Airs has something for everyone. A compilation showcasing some of the finest and highly gifted traditional musicians of the current folk revival.

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