(March 2002) 14 tracks: SCARBOROUGH FAIR (Lori Pappajohn) * WHAT CHILD IS THIS? (Lori Pappajohn) * THE DARK ISLAND (Mist of Thyme) * SEIKILOS' SONG (Lori Pappajohn) * FLOWER OF SCOTLAND (Mist of Thyme) * INTO THE GREEN (Neil Burnett) * MY LOVE IS LIKE A RED RED ROSE (Mist of Thyme) * FIRST SNOW OF WINTER (Lori Pappajohn) * THE SKYE BOAT SONG (Mist of Thyme) * THE STAG AND THE HOUND (Lori Pappajohn) * ORION'S BELT (Neil Burnett) * I WANDER AS I WANDER (Lori Pappajohn) * AE FOND KISS (Mist of Thyme) * SUTIL (Neil Burnett).

The sound of the Celtic Harp is synonymous with the sound of Celtic music. The beautiful, haunting tone of this wonderful instrument induces in the listener a true feeling for the mystery of the Celtic people.

On this CD the Celtic Harp is presented in a variety of different settings - a unique, relaxing and magical experience.

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