(1998) 22 tracks: The Cumberland Medley, Original Tune, The Berwickshire Volunteer, Kitty McGee (Sir Jimmy Shand) * Eight Men of Moidart, Barbara A Stirling, Jen and Jocky (Jim MacLeod and his Band) * Bovaglie’s Plaid (Ian Powrie and his Band) * Set of Reels, Da Tushker, Mickie Ainsworth, Millbrae, Susan Cooper (Angus Cameron) * Dunoon Barn Dane, Glen Caladh Castle, Jim McBay’s Welcome (Angus Fitchet and his Band) * The Saturday Waltz (Addie Harper and the Wick Scottish Band) * The Laddies Who Fought and Won (Bobby Colgan) * Earl of Errol’s reel, Jig Wha’ll be King but Charlie, Stool of Repentance (Bert Shorthouse and his Glenlomond Band) * The Garry Strathspey, Lochaber Gathering, Tam Bain’s Lum (Ian Powrie and his Band) * John Worth’s Jig, Kirk Wynd, The Rusty Nail (Jim MacLeod and his Band) * Strathspey and Reel, Campbeltown Kiltie Ball, J Spence of Yeaspund (Addie Harper and the Wick Scottish Band) * 6/8 Marches, Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray, Major John MacLennan (Jimmy Shand and his Band) * Scottish Waltz, A Rosebud by My Early Walk, Leaving Stornoway, The Queen’s Maries (Angus Fitchet and his Band) * Breakfast in Bed (Bobby Cogan) * The Happy Haggis (Bert Shorthouse and his Glenlomond Band) * Cuckoo Waltz (Jim McLeod and his Band) * The St Johnstoun Reel, Original Tune, Lass o’ Patie’s Mill, Dr Robertson (Ian Powrie and his Band) * Waltz Country Dance, Come o’er the Stream Charlie, Rothesay Bay, Sound the Pibroch, My Love is Like a Red Red Rose (Jimmy Shand and his Band) * Sweet Georgia Brown (Angus Cameron) * MacDonald of the Isles, Strathspey, The Thistle, What’s a’ the Steer?, Lord Lyndoch (Bert Shorthouse and his Glenlomond Band) * Strip the Willow, Dan MacIldowie Reel, Niell Thow’s Reel, Manola’s Reel (Addie Harper and the Wick Scottish Band) * Reel Selection, The Flower’s of Edinburgh, Waverley Steps, Davy Nick Nack (Angus Fitchet and his Band).

For most people their musical memories of Scotland will be of the accordion played in a Scottish Country Dance band. On this album we bring you a selection of some of the greatest names in accordion music playing a selection of some of the most famous and well loved tunes. These artists have become famous through their work in their own right and some have become legends, know throughout the world, so sit back and enjoy the Magic of Scotland.

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