(1987) 22 songs: Sing To Me the Auld Scots Songs / The Auld Hoose / Rowan Tree / Granny's Heilan' Hame * Hail Caledonia * Scotland My Home * Thistle Of Scotland * Ballad Of Glencoe * Rumour * Royal Mile * Teuchter Music * Of A' The Airts * The Saturday Dance * Flower of Scotland * Dark Lochnagar * Culloden * Loch Lomond * The Four Maries * The Wee Room * The Broadsword Of Scotland * Ba M' Eudal Ban * Kinloch Rannoch Lullabye * Abide With Me * Scotland Yet * Scotland the Brave.

The vocal talents of Kenneth McKellar, Andy Stewart, The Alexander Brothers, Peter Morrison, Bill McCue OBE, James Nicol, Shona Campbell, George Duffus, Colin Stuart, David Solley, The Clydesiders, Donnie MacLeod, The Jacobites, Clifford Hughes, The Tartan Lads and Bernadette.

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