(1994) 20 tracks: The Black Isle, Banks of Lossie, Abbeyville (The Pipes and Drums of the Queen’s Own Highlanders) * Bonnie Strathyre, Rothsay Bay, My Mother (Tartan Lads) * Last o’ the Lairds (Scottish Fiddle Orchestra) * Galloway House, Aitken Drum, Claverhouse Reel, C M Barbour (Traditional Scottish Country Dance Band) * The Sands of Kersal * Puirt-a-buil, Mhaighdeanan a Choire Dhuib,Siuthadadh Balachan * A Scottish Soldier (Tartan Lads) * The New Caledonian (SFO) * The Apple Tree, CTS Empress, Agnes Ritchie, Pottingers Reel (accordion) * Skye Boat Song, Auld Rustic Bridge, The Black Bear (pipes and drums) * Gay Gordons * The Mist Covered Mountains (Gordon Highlanders) * Airs and Jigs on the Accordion * Strathspey and Reel (solo World Champion Pipe Major) * Over the Sea to Skye (Mary Sandeman) * Wild Mountain Thyme(tenor Clan Chief of MacDonald of Keppoch) * The Rose of Allandale, The Rowan Tree, The Bonnie House o’ Airlie (pipes and drums of the Queen’s Own Highlanders) * O’ Gin I Were a Baron’s Heir, Nameless Lassie, The Bonnie Isle of Gletness * Summer Road (Tartan Lads) * The Eightsome Reels (massed fiddles of the SFO).

When Scotland and Music are mentioned in the same breath, the images that come to mind are the skirl of the bagpipes rolling down the Glen, the snap of the fiddlers playing the strathspey and the ‘hooch’ of the revellers as they dance to the accordion.

On this album we bring you everything that is the tradition of Scottish music, the pipes, the fiddles, the accordion and the singers.

Everything that involves the feelings and emotions that come from the glens, the magnificent lochs and the mist-covered mountains.

To have this album is to be part of The Spirit of Scotland.

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