22 Tracks: Reels: The Silver Spear Reels / The Teetotalers Fancy / Music In The Glen * Jigs: Townsend Jig / Charlie Hunters Jig / The Rosewood Jig * The Happy Yodeller Polka * Hornpipes: The Galway Hornpipe / The Black Swan / The Strand Hornpipe * Reels: The Spey in Spate / The Belles of St Louis / O'Driscoll's Fancy * The Accordion Polka * Scottish Selection 1: John McFadyen of Melfort / Stirling Castle / The Apple Tree * Hornpipes: Thomond Bridge / Eugene Clancy's Hornpipe / The Sunshine Hornpipe * Du Bon Musette Waltz * Jigs: Father Kellys Jig / The House In The Glen / Langstroms Pony * Reels: Over the Hill / Speed the Plough / The Contradiction Reel * Perles De Cristal Polka * Hornpipes: The Londonderry Hornpipe / The High Level * Reels: Trip To Durragh / Over The Moor To Maggie / Boys Of Malin * On The Accordion Polka * Scottish Selection 2: Australian Ladies / Farewell To The Tay / Mrs. MacPherson Of Inveran / Lord MacDonald * Jigs: The Wild Geese / The Glasgow Gaelic Club / Kenny Gillies Of Portnalong * Retour Des Hirondelles Waltz * Hornpipes: The Harvest Home / The Greencastle Hornpipe / Dunphy's Hornpipe * Reels: Charlie Mulvihills Reel / Egan From Clare / The Doon Reel * Nola - Novelty Foxtrot * Hornpipes: The Trumpet Hornpipe / The Belfast Hornpipe.
Wilcil McDowell is the accordion player with 'The Donegore Tradition' and 'The Irish Rovers'.

An album showcasing the unique style of Donegore accordionist Wilcil McDowell.

Wilcil is a former winner of the Senior All Ireland Piano Accordion Championship.

22 super tracks and over 50 tunes.

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