This title is a Music Scotland All Time Bestseller.

(January 1997) 20 tracks (70 mins): Mickey / Ma Maw's A Millionaire / Wearie Wife * Coulter's Candy * Sam the Skull * Queen Mary, Queen Mary * Ice Cream * Leerie * Puddo's Wedding * Highland Fairy Lullaby * Jeelie Piece Song * A Trip to the Zoo * Swaggering Bears * Wee Kirkudbright Centipede * The Tod * Wee Jock Sparra * Oor Wee School / Ma Maw Says * The Whistle * Three Craws * No' Comin' Oot * Twa Corbies * Three Bears (Story).

Songs and stories for children, told by Alastair McDonald.

Any wean from 9 to 90 will enjoy these songs, plus the story of the Three Bears, all done in Alastair McDonald's inimitable style - reflecting his long involvement in the Scottish traditional music scene and the jazz scene.

"A smashing set of songs well performed with lots of gusto... Nineteen music tracks which include twenty-two songs - and what a mixture they are. I love Sam The Skull, especially the manic laughter, and the effects and chorus at the beginning of Ice Cream are very well done. Some of the songs will appeal to the older audience... Amongst the other songs for the older ones is The Whistle which is a delight... With this sort of recording I know that if the kids take to it, the parents will get to hear it lots and lots. All I can say is that it set my feet tapping and I enjoyed all the songs very much..." (Richard Walker)

"Fun songs for the young of all ages..." (Scots Magazine)

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