Aly Bain and Ale Mller - Beyond The Stacks

Aly Bain and Ale Möller - Beyond The Stacks

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(June 2007) 14 tracks: Woo'd An' Marrit An' A' * Peerie Joel's Waltz * Auld Swarra * Spread Thy Wings Wide * Cryingg Waltz * King Karl's Marsch * O'Farrel's Welcome To Limerick * If I Get A Bonnie Lass * Lady Mary Ramsay * But Your Hoose An Ben Your Hoose * Da Slockit Light * Hauchdon House * Hector The Hero * Da Broon Coo.

Another beautiful combination of Aly Bain's Shetland fiddle style with the mandola, harmonica and Jews harp of Scandinavian musician Ale Möller.

A simpler line-up than their last album makes for an even better end product.

"Not yet as well-known as Aly's collaboration with Phil Cunningham, but musically it is on a similar level, and is unmistakably the sound of two masters at work. Bain's playing on both fiddles and viola is simply superb, whether on up-tempo reels and jigs or achingly lovely slow airs. His highly expressive melody playing, impeccable phrasing, acute rhythmic sense and his signature nuances of bowing and accenting all combine in peerless fashion, and Möller is an ideal partner in their jointly-arranged explorations of the selected tunes." (The Scotsman)

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