(1984) 11 tracks: The Four Minute Warning (The Tide's Out / James MacLellan's Favourite / Dougie's Decision / The Ferryman / Lady Doll Sinclair) * The Old Changing Way * The Hook of Holland * The Snows of France and Holland * Sauchiehall Street Salsa (McHugh's Other Foot / The Man with Two Women) * Anthem * The Yew Tree * The Port of Call * Ina MacKenzie / The Braes of Mellinish / Troy's Wedding * Miner's Wives * I Am The Common Man.

This is Battlefield Band's ninth album, and their music continues to intrigue and surprise. They have never rested on their laurels, though they have had many heaped on them. The band on this album consists of Brian McNeill and Alan Reid, founder members, and Dougie Pincock and Alistair Russell who have more recently joined them.

"Arguably the most musically skilled and most exciting group in the current record field ... In-store play will almost certainly sell it to some who think they loathe 'folk'." (MUSIC WEEK)

"After so many years on the road the music of Battlefield Band is still fresh and new ... the best line-up ever." (BREMERHAVEN ZEITUNG)

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