(November 2006) 11 tracks: Rantin’ Rovin’ Robin (There was a lad) * John Anderson my Jo * The Birks of Aberfeldy * My love’s like a red, red rose * The de’il’s awa’ * Ae fond kiss * Duncan Gray * Ay waukin’ o * Comin’ thro’ the rye * The banks o’Doon (Ye banks and braes).

Borealis is a five piece band performing the songs of Robert Burns as you’ve never heard before.

All the band members live in the heart of Burns country in Ayrshire, South West Scotland, and originally came together to perform as part of the 2005 Burns An’ A’ That’ fringe festival which runs annually in Scotland. Since then, they have continued to give live performances of their unique interpretations of Burns.

This is no ordinary tribute to Robert Burns, but presents the songs in an exciting, new and accessible way.

The Burns words and traditional tunes come alive as the band draw on their own music roots of classical, folk and jazz through to blues. Their own knowledge of the dialect and language used in these classic songs ensures that their arrangements always stay true to the sentiments of Burns’ original writing.

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