Joe Aitken - Scots Singer Of The Year - MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards 2010.

(August 2001) 15 tracks: The Lispin Leghorn, The Buchan Plooman, Swaggers, Pirn Taed Loonie, Gruel, The Ball o' Kirriemeer, The Moss o' Burreldale, Goat of the Rural, Sleepytoon 2, McGinty's Meal and Ale, The Guise o' Tough, Imm-Hmm, Country Geordie, I Am A Miller Tae My Trade, Glenlogie.

More songs from eleven champion traditional singers from the North East - Joe Aitken, Jock Duncan, Jimmy McBeath, John MacDonald, Frank McNally, John Malcolm, John Mearns, Geordie Murison, Tam Reid, Davie Stewart and John Strachan. Many of the fifteen songs display the sharp tang of North East humour.

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