12 tracks: Biggar (Reels) * Orlando Tango (Reel and Hornpipes) * Jig Set * Saney MacKenzie (Hornpipe, Jigs and Reels) * Dodds (6/8 Marches and Reels) * Chrysler (Strathspey and Reels) * Cone Tango (Hornpipes) * Burns (2/4 Marches, Solo Piping) * Barbour Roar (Jigs) * Slow Air - Air Bas Caraid (For the Loss of a Friend) * The Bonanza Breakfast (Jigs and Reels) * Dreams of a Child.

Talented young piper. From the age of nine Chris started to compose his own bagpipe music, and many of these compositions are on this, his first recording.

"Highly recommended. This CD marks the arrival of a major new talent on the piping scene... It is a must for all but the terminally traditional." (Living Tradition)

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