Gaelic Singer Of The Year - MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards 2009

(1993) 15 tracks: Ceann Loch An Duin (At The Head of Loch An Duin) * Curstaidh Brus (Christine Brus) * Duanag A' Chiobair (The Shepherd's Song) * Carlobhagh (Carloway) * Strath Ban (Strathbane) * Coille An Fhasaich (The Woods of France) * Greas Ort Dhachaidh A Dh'Eilean A'Fhraoich (Hurry On Home) * 'Si Morag 'Si Morag (It Was Morag) * Baintighearna Stiubhart (Lady Stewart) * Fear An Dun Mor (The Man From The Big House) * 'Nuair A Chi Thu Caileag Bhoidheach (Whenever You See A Pretty Girl) * Calum Sgaire (Calum Sgaire) * Nan Ceadaicheadh An Tide Dhomh (If Time Would Permit Me) * Nan Tigheadh Tu Idir (If Only You Would Come To Me) * Comunn Uibhist 'S Bharraidh (The Uist and Barra Association) * 'N Teid Thu Leam Mo Nighean Donn? (Will You Come With Me My Brown Haired Girl?) * A Fhleasgaich Oig Bi Furachail (Young Men Be Cautious).

Hailed by both Gaels and non-Gaels, this album was the forerunner of a new generation of recordings by young Gaelic singers.

From the Isle of Lewis, Christine won many prizes at the Mod and the Pan Celtic Festival. She has become a highly regarded and sought after tutor in Gaelic song, and has travelled the world singing and teaching.

"A singer who sings in Gaelic and does it immaculately - tender and vulnerable without being limp." (Melody Music)

"Many of the songs will already be familiar to Gaels, but the crystal purity of Christine's voice ensures that each retain a freshness after innumerable hearings." (West Highland Free Press)

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