Instrumentalist of the Year 2005 (Aaron Jones) - Scots Trad Music Awards

(May 2005) 11 tracks (47 mins): McElvogue's * The Smiling Bride * Saints and Sinners * Valsen * Across the Western Ocean * Tripping * Fortune's Wheel * Snappy Guzzlin' * Slip Jigs and Reels * Bottle of Whisky * Lament for the Kerry Fisherman.

A debut release from duo Claire Mann and Aaron Jones. The mixture of traditional and contemporary tunes and songs reflects and captures the energy and passion that Claire and Aaron have developed during seven years of touring together.

From the energy of their jigs and reels through jaunting waltzes, beautifully interpreted songs to haunting laments, the CD takes you on a journey through their development as a duo.

Aaron Jones (10-string bouzouki, acoustic guitar, electric bass, vocals) and Claire Mann (fiddle, flute, whistles, backing vocals) with guests Kevin McGuire (double bass), Martin O'Neill (bodhrán, shakers), Leo McCann (button accordion), Little Al Price (harmonica), Nathon Jones (resonator guitar), Billy Jones (backing vocals), Carmel Jones (backing vocals), Billie Jones (backing vocals), Sandy Murray (backing vocals) and Richard Creasey (keyboards).

"...technical brilliance and beautiful interpretations of tunes and songs, there is so much power, personality, passion and drive in their playing."

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