(December 2003) 16 tracks: Reels: Dance o da Shetland puffins / Marrie Pottingers Reel / Calum Donaldson * Waltzes: Ronas Voe / Sunset Over Foula / Da Isles o Gletness * Polkas: Bellevue / Pottingers Pinapple Polka * Reels: Da Tushkar / The Shetland Fiddler / John Spence o Uyeasound * Waltz: Fiona Leasks Waltz * Marches: Carnival / The Guizars March * Foula Reel: Da Shallds o Foula / Da Oot Ower Lounge / Don Farquar o Hoswick / Kirkigirt Noost * Marches: Rob Smiths Wedding / Jarl Squad 2003's Compliments to Towie and District Pipe Band * Two-Step: Olaf Sitricson * Waltz: Magnus' and Dot's Wedding * Reels: Willafjord / Da Peerie Hoose Ahint da Burn / Da Merry Boys o Greenland * Marches: Thorvald Thoreffon's March / Mousa Broch * Jigs: Lenny Smith of Heylor / Passing Places / The Show Jig * Two-Step: The Shetland Fishermans Backstep * Waltz: Doreen's Waltz * Reels: Da Ferry Reel / Da Bonnie Isle o Whalsay / Sleep Soond i da Mornin' / Da Fustra.

Da Fustra began when Douglas and Cecil, then studying in Edinburgh, got together to play their native Shetland music. Nearly twenty years later the impetus is stronger than ever, and Da Fustra maintains the momentum and style that is the Shetland Ceilidh.

Ceilidh dances in Shetland idiom are usually danced three times through, and the Boston Two-step always features at least three times in an evening! The dancers catch their breath with the slow waltzes, including one from neighbouring Scandinavia, before hurtling themselves back into the mealstrom of the Two-step and the Quadrilles!

Da Fustra's blend of traditional tunes and dances, and swing-along, sing-along sets, turns any evening's dance into a real swell party!

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