(September 2010) The Menzies' Pibroch * The End Of The High Bridge * The Desperate Battle Of The Birds * Scarcity Of Fish * War Or Peace * The Lament For The Harp Tree * The Royal Bicker * Beloved Scotland, Thee I Am Leaving * The Red Ribbon * The Daughter's Lament * The King's Taxes * The Stewarts' White Banner * The Men Went To Drink * Squinting Patrick's Flame Of Wrath * The Macnabs' Salute (second setting) * MacCrimmon's Sweetheart (second setting).

Fifth collection of one of the most important repositories of piobaireachd (classical piping) music.

When this series was first printed in 1880, it achieved immediate acclaim and was rated by the legendary John MacDonald as 'piping's greatest source'.

It has been unavailable since the 1950s, and is now republished by Duntroon Publishing.

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