(September 2008) 14 tracks (56 mins): Jute Spinner's Reel (8x32 Reel) * Hall Change (4x32 Jig) * Glasgow Lasses (8x32 Strathspey) * The Unicef Circle (88 bar Reel) * The Express (8x40 Jig) * Mrs Milne Of Kinneff (4x32 Strathspey) * Stuck In The Snow (5x32 Reel) * Airdrie Lassies (4x48 Jig) * Dancing In The Street (4x32 Hornpipe) * Heather Dewar's Strathspey (4x32 Strathspey) * The Lochalsh Reel (8x40 Reel) * Indian River Strathspey (3x32 Strathspey) * Major Ian Stewart (8x32 Jig) * The Auld Alliance (4x32 Reel).

Once again, the Deirdre Adamson Quartet have supplied a wide variety of dances including a dance devised by Sheila Trafford for the band after they were 'Stuck In The Snow' returning from a dance in Newcastle.

Fourteen full-length Scottish Country Dances.

Deirdre Adamson (accordion) with Frank Robb (fiddle), Jim Nichol (piano) and Graham Sherrit (drums).

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