(November 2002): Scottish Waltz: My Mother/Hazel Villa/ Shetland Air. Canadian Barn Dance: Looking For A Partner. Quickstep:Blanket On The Ground.Palais Glide:The Gleniffer Polka.Slow Fox Trot: This Song is Just for You/Please Help Me, I'm Falling/The Blackboard Of My Heart.Victory Waltz:Roses In Bloom. Mississippi Dip:If You New Susie/Who Were You With Last Night/I Want A Gal Who Can Dance Me A Cha Cha.Britannia Two Step:Lindsay MacDonalds Jig. Gay Gordons:Boghall's Salute to Johannesburg.Modern Waltz:Scotland Again .Polka Continental:The Blue Bell Polka.St. Bernards Waltz: Dreaming Of Hame.Quickstep:Buona Sera/Arrivederci Roma/Hi Lili Hi Lo. Call Of The Pipes: Mr. And Mrs. Elder/Farewell To The Creeks. Military Two Step: Liberty Bell.

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