This title is a Music Scotland All Time Bestseller.

(January 2009 re-release of 2003 recording) 18 tracks: Jamie Come Try Me * My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose * Willie Stewart / Molly Rankin * Ae Fond Kiss * Brose And Butter * Ye Jacobites * Wild Mountainside * Charlie Is My Darling * John Anderson My Jo * Winter It Is Past * Auld Lang Syne * Green Grow The Rashes O * Comin' Through The Rye / Dram Behind The Curtain * Ye Banks And Braes O' Bonnie Doon * Aye Waukin-O * Dainty Davie * Leezie Lindsay * Of A' The Airts.

To mark the 250th anniversary in 2009 of Robert Burns' birth, this album is re-released as a Deluxe Edition with seven bonus tracks, in addition to the original eleven tracks.

This is a personal journey of celebration and interpretation. Beautiful paeans, mellifluous lyrics, accompanied with soaring music to stir the heart.

Burns re-instated, and just as he’d want to be - out in the mainstream, full-frontal, and laid back in the arms of a woman who obviously delights in taking a few lingual liberties!

Richly sensual strings, throbbing guitars and breathy vocals transport these well-known tunes back to an emotional vibrancy far more suited to their meanings than the usual drawing-room styling.

Definitely ripped-bodice rather than stuffed shirt! Contemporary ballady notions, eternal emotions - Eddi brings Burns' pieces back to life.

Eddi Reader (vocals, acoustic guitar) with Ian Carr (acoustic guitar, piano), Phil Cunningham (accordion, piano, whistles), Roy Dodds (percussion), Christine Hanson (cello), Boo Hewerdine (acoustic guitar), John McCusker (violin, cittern, whistles), Colin Reid (acoustic guitar) and Ewan Vernal (double bass).

"Put one of Scotland’s finest singers, most celebrated songwriters, and best orchestras together and the result was always going to be special." (The Sunday Mail)

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