(2004 re-release of 1995 album) 12 tracks: Na Hu O Ho * On My Way * Bratach Bana * Fareweel * Cadal Cha Dean Mi * Ready For The Storm * Ae Fond Kiss * The Quiet Comes In * Leannan Fionnghal * Jamie Come Try Me * Maiden Heaven * Follow Me.

Traditional and contemporary song, with some Gaelic tracks.

Fiona, daughter of Calum Kennedy, has been steeped in Gaelic song from childhood. Her depth of knowledge and breadth of expertise bring glorious new life to the traditional songs she sings, and give a very honest tradition to her own songs.

Sung in a gentle style, with overtones of soul and pop, this album contains well-loved old songs, some by Fiona's father and some by herself.

Produced by Phil Cunningham.

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