(February 2006) Tracks include: When The Pipers Play * Mist Covered Mountains * Landscapes * Selection * Serenade * Amazing Grace * Over The Sea To Skye * Solo Pipe * Enter * Friendship * The American Piper * Irish Dance * Carinish * Scotland The Brave * Murdo's Wedding/Wings * Instrument Of War Theme * Highland Cathedral * Distant Hills * The Pipes And Drums Set * The Train * Highland Trance * Black Bear * Highland Laddie/St Patrick's * Pibroch Of Donald Dhu * The Rowan Tree/Bonnie Gallowa’ * Slow Air & Hornpipe * Inspiration * Ae Fond Kiss/My Love * The Pipers/Stronsay Waltz * Bonnie Dundee * Pipe Set * Skye Boat Song * Morning Has Broken * The Three Little Jigs * Squinting Peter * Bays Of Harris * Barren Rocks Of Aden * Campbells Are Coming * Cock Of The North * The Rose/Killiecrankie * The French King's Bodyguard * Flowers Of The Forest * Donald Ban Of Kyles Flodda * Wooden Heart/Going Home.

The call of the pipes is to the hearts and minds of Scots all over the world. This 3CD collection features the pipes in many different forms, from the massive sound of the Pipe Band marching through the glens to the poignant strains of the solo piper.

This uniquely Scottish combination of instrument, music and history is an unforgetable part of Scotland. Explore this huge range of music created for the pipes on this great value 3CD box set.

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