(November 2004) 15 tracks: Mormond Braes * Kishoen Commandos * Back of Beyond *Morris’s March * The Weavers * Sleepy Toon * This Land is your Land * Men from the Rigs * Bogie’s Bonnie Bell * Come by the Hills * Remember John MacLean * Kissin’ in the Dark * The Muckin’ O’ Geordie’s Byre/What Would you do ? * Tarry Arry Arry * Lion on the Gold.

Gordon Menzies (vocals, guitar, mandolin) and Robin Watson (vocals, guitar, dulcimer) with Iain Mackintosh (concertina), John Martin (fiddle) and Bill Craib (bass).

"We have chosen the songs on this album to try to combine the more obscure traditional songs re-arranged for modern ears, with new songs we have written, and a couple of our favourite songs from contemporary composers.

"Wind and water, time and tide, these are the common enemy of the farmer, the seaman and the men working around Scotland's coast on the rigs. They have all left their mark on our temperament, and our music."

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