(November 2000) 17 tracks: The Kirk O' Birnie Bouzle, The Dowie Dens O' Yarrow, The Lichtbob's Lassie, Will Ye Gang Love, The Bleacher Lassie O' The Kelvinhaugh, The Yowie Wi' The Crookit Horn, There's A Herrin' In The Pan, Sheath and Knife, Jock Since Ever I Saw Your Face, Chevy Chase, Captain Wedderburn, The Gallant Weaver, Eence Upon A Time, Caw The Yowes, Bawbie Allan, The Hielan' Laddie, Be Kind Tae Yer Nainsel.

Gordeanna McCulloch is recognised as one of the finest singers of Scottish traditional songs and ballads in her generation. She is joined on this album by Erland Voy (concertina), Calum Allan (fiddle), Jimmy Anderson (Scottish Lowland pipes) and Ronnie Alexander (guitar).

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