(March 2001) 14 tracks: Ellwyn's Fairy Glen, Welcome To Queen's Cross, Off She Goes In The North, Seann Truibhas Willichan, The Reel Of Five, Maxwell's Rant, Waltz Country Dance, Tribute To The Borders, Garry Strathspey, Teviot Brig, The Gay Gordons, Hesitation Waltz, The Maxina, Dinkie One-step.

This CD is a re-release of Rob's Fourth Caledonian Ball and Dance With Rob Gordon Volume 1. For Country dance, Ceilidh dance, Old Time and Sequence, Rob Gordon's Band was one of the best. Make up your sets again for an evening of Rob's inimitable romping reels, jaunty jigs and swinging strathspeys, then clasp your partner tightly to you and saunter through a selection of Old Time favourites.

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