(March 2003) 21 tracks (67 mins): Miraculous * The Steamboat / Thomond Bridge * Paradise On Earth * Sileas * Stags At The Glenuig Dance * Clo Mhic Ille Mhicheil / Blue Bonnets * Skipper Of The Sileas * The Northern Lass Set * Lochaber Gathering * Irishman’s Bay * The Harpie Set * Twitchers On The Loch * MacAllister * Sanctuary * Ri Taobh Loch Seile (Beside Loch Shiel) * Catching The Apples * Musical Slippers * The Politician * Watercolour * The Green Isle * Goat Island.

The album of the Radio Scotland show - over an hour of music, stories and good craic, plus enhanced CD features with extra audio, photos, visuals and weblinks (playable on PC or Mac).

The Scottish Highlands are known the world over for their unique and diverse history and culture. This rich background has yielded a 21st Century generation of musicians who are not only at the peak of their profession, but have a true sense of belonging.

The Highlands and Islands series has been created by Miraculous Productions to celebrate these musicians and singers, the people who surround them, the stories they've grown up with and the land that defines them.

The debut album Loch Shiel (vol 1), starts the series at the hidden heart of the West Coast - a veritable hotbed of music, song, and of course, great craic. Join the MacFarlane family, Jim Michie and his boat the Sileas, some of the area's great musicians and other friends for an unforgettable journey.

Musicians and singers featured: Iain MacDonald and Iain MacFarlane (whistle, flute, cittern, piano), Hoogie (accordion, fiddle, guitar, bass, drums), Cliar (vocals, guitar, piano, fiddle, clarsach), Blazin' Fiddles (piano, guitar, fiddles), Jim Hunter and Brian MacAlpine (piano, guitar, voice, bass, drums, fiddle, accordion), Margaret MacLellan (solo voice) and Daimh (banjo, fiddle, whistle, mandola, guitar, bodhran).

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