(2009) 10 tracks (52 mins): Clan Della Grande Orsa * King James IV * Airson Nan Caileagan * Bide Ye Yet * The Windae City * The Riding Stane * Pelkas * Spot The Bothy * Hush Thee My Baby * The Mortgage Burn.

Lively songs and tunes from the boys of Hoogie, steeped in Scottish dance music traditions.

Traditional and modern Scottish music forms the backbone of the group's repertoire, including many of their own compositions in a modern Scottish idiom, both for listening and for dancing.

Hoogie have been playing since 1996 and their performances have taken members of the band all over Europe. They have broadcast on TV and radio shows, as well as performing concerts and teaching music workshops at folk festivals around Scotland.

Dougie Hunter (accordion), Keith B Smith (fiddle, pipes), Kenn Clark (guitar, bouzouki, vocals), Kenneth Knowles (drums, percussion) and Andy Brewster (bass, mandolin).

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