(1985) 8 tracks: The Old Men Of The Shells * Glengarry's Lament * Major General Frank Richardson / Willie MacRae of Ullapool * Braigh Loch Iall / The Irish Washerwoman * Southall / Inveraray Castle / Bessie MacIntyre * Mary MacPherson of Kyle * Myles MacDonald's Welcome To Skye * Leaving Ireland / Flora Cameron / Eleanor Hannah * Mrs John MacColl / Leaving Lunga.

Piping - piobaireachd (pibroch) and light music (marches, strathspeys and reels). Leading competitor of his day.

Iain MacFadyen comes from a famous family of pipers which hailed originally from Bunessan in Mull though Iain himself was born in Glasgow. He took up the pipes at an early age, receiving advanced tuition from the late Roderick MacDonald - a fine teacher as well as one of the leading interpreters of piobaireachd music of the last generation. His influences can be detected in Iain's relaxed and thoughtful approach to piobaireachd. His record as one of the leading competitors of his day is unrivalled.

"The light music selections demonstrate beautifully the player's technical ability and musical expression and makes this LP a highly satisfying package for all lovers of the great Highland bagpipe." (Scots Magazine)

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